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Enrolled students/trainees will work directly with more senior TAF actuary for supervision and direction on specific projects and assignments of their sponsors who are clients of TAF.  The supervisor will in turn rely on colleagues, usually more senior, for peer review or subject-matter project advisor as the case may require.

The main goal is that the student (and the employer) receives the best expert supervision on the projects that TAF could provide whether within the same locality or abroad. The program ensures that work is delivered for the sponsor by the student under competent supervision. 

Projects would vary depending on the specific scope defined by the sponsor to include areas such as:

  • Product development and pricing
  • Development of product illustration
  • Reserving and statutory valuations
  • Evaluation of reinsurance proposals
  • Economic Capital and Financial modeling
  • Liability Adequacy Testing for IFRS
  • Experience Studies and Analysis
  • Design and evaluation of compensation structures for product distributors
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • General actuarial tasks assigned by the employer

Trainees work in the premises of the employer majority of the time but would spend some time in TAF offices in the same locality. Occasionally, visits to TAF offices in other locations may be advisable for additional exposure and guidance. We can also facilitate visits to other non-TAF offices if that exposure will further enhance the project delivery and training of the student actuary.

Approach for Students Sponsored by a Company

  • TAF works with sponsoring company to identify and hire trainee actuaries for the company
  • Trainee actuary is assigned to a supervising TAF qualified actuary who will also provide mentoring to the trainee
  • A development program will be drawn for each trainee actuary including for example education, experience and professional goals, incentive bonuses, study time and career growth path.
  • Trainee actuaries work under TAF actuary’s direction and supervision on sponsoring company priority projects as agreed with the management
  • Supervising actuary will report on trainee’s progress periodically
  • Trainee actuaries also enroll in preparatory classes toward specified professional actuarial exams
  • Orientation program for trainee actuary will be agreed with sponsoring company management
  • Trainee actuary may be bonded by sponsoring company with exit penalty


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