Life and Financial Services


  • Capital Management

TAF help you in dealing with capital related issues and decisions by providing understanding from changing capital rules to sophisticated models of risk and uncertainty.


  • Enterprise Risk Management

TAF bring to you international best practices in ERM area to better understand, identify, assess and deal with the risks.


  • Principles-Based Reserves, MCEV, IFRS, and Solvency II

World is moving towards principle based methods to determine reserves and surplus. We at TAF, with our extensive experience, provide services related to Principles-based reserves, MCEV, IFRS, and Solvency II.


  • Operating Model Management and Review

Our consultants have extensive experience in developing operating models that enable them to have competitive advantage, improved process consistency, lower costs and other benefits.


  • Financial Risk Management and Hedging Services

We provide customized risk management solutions depending on the requirements and size of the client.


  • Mergers and Acquisitions

At TAF we have solid experience in providing guidance to our clients for mergers and acquisitions assignments.


  • Product Development and Management

Our consultants have vast experience in development and management of insurance products across the world.


  • Distribution & Marketing Strategies, Bancassurance & Alternative Distribution

We provide innovative ideas for product distribution and marketing through non-traditional methods.


  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

TAF provide you with services to meet statutory obligations for financial reporting and in-depth insight into the trends and benchmarks of the client and industry.


  • IT System Recommendation and Evaluation

Our consultants have extensive experience in evaluating and implementing IT systems. We provide best advice based on the cost, size and structure of our client as well as the local realities.


  • Securitizations

We provide analysis and risk assessment for securitization transactions.


  • Executive Recruitment

We provide executive recruitment service to our clients given our strong roots in the market we serve we provide you with the best HR solution.


  • Market-Entry Support

Our consultants have vast experience advising and supporting clients on market- entry assignments.


  • Takaful & Non-Interest Financial Institution

We at TAF have extensive experience in providing support and advice to non-interest financial institutions.


  • Stochastic Modeling of Insurance Risks

Stochastic modeling helps in providing insight into the risks faced by the company. We use modern and developed actuarial models for stochastic modeling purposes.

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