Insurance Regulators


Our actuarial team has broad experience and our specialists provide tailor made services to our clients. We can provide the following services to insurance regulators:

·         Manpower Development & Capacity Building

o   Recruitment, training and mentoring of trainee actuaries

o   Industry technical education on

§  Emerging topics

§  Regulator-led initiatives


·         Product and Company Filings Review

o   Development of product review framework and manual

o   Review filings of regulated companies such as valuation reports for reserving verification and adequacy


·         Market Transactions Oversight

o   Mergers and acquisition

o   Market consolidations

o   Decomposition of life and non-life portfolios

o   Review of Appraisal reports


·         Regulatory Support and Review

o   Regular work

§  Review and update to monitoring compliance and tools

§  Review and update to disclosure standards

§  Product Illustration wordings, formats and standardization

o   Support for Reforms – Solvency, Capital, Reserving, IFRS, Risk-Based Supervision, Risk-Based Capital Models, Legislation

o   Market development initiatives

§  Industry studies and surveys in loss experiences and persistency

o   Relevance and application of international best practices

§  Development of Valuation standards for liabilities

§  Solvency II model

§  ERM framework

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